About Salus Scientific

The mission of Salus Scientific is to provide best-in-class solutions – through passion, innovation, and education – to remove occupational hazards and reduce the risk for all healthcare providers, and the patients that they serve.

Our Vision

Elevating the standards for protecting healthcare providers and patients

The Salus Scientific Story — Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

Salus Scientific Corp. was formed in 2022, but our story began years before that.

Interventional cardiologist Dr. Bill Buchanan had been experiencing nagging physical effects of working long hours in lead aprons and was frustrated by the limited choices available in the radiation protection market.  Then in a life-threatening 2016 kite surfing accident, Dr. Buchanan suffered a shoulder injury which required surgical repair.  His orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Richard Moore, told him that he could not go back to work in the cath lab for an extended period because of the weight of the lead apron required to do his work.  This challenging experience became the catalyst for Dr. Buchanan to begin development of the first GLiFT prototype, which he felt could benefit the wide array of healthcare professionals who must wear protective lead for long hours as they help patients.

In 2017, Dr. Buchanan, Dr. Moore and Todd Flohr formed a company, G-Tech LLC, to further develop this innovative idea and obtain patent approval. That company became Salus Scientific Corp. in 2022. 

In January 2023, Salus successfully launched its first commercial product, the GLiFT PRO radiation protection system.  This elegantly innovative system is able to dramatically improve the comfort of healthcare professionals using it and alleviate risk of musculoskeletal injuries associated with the use of lead aprons.  Salus Scientific has also designed and obtained patents for planned accessories for the GLiFT PRO as we look to our exciting future.

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