How to Wear The G-LIFT

by TheGlift Admin September 02, 2020

How to Wear The G-LIFT

The G-LIFT is designed to protect health care workersthat are required to wear heavy lead aprons and or jackets as a part of their duties. 

The G-LIFT system is a fixed device with the upper shoulder bar plate being adjustable by means of a spring pull pin on the lower back part.  By pulling the pinout you can adjust the upper shoulder bar plate up or down as required to keep the aluminum bars off your shoulders. 

The aluminum bars should clear the shoulders by approximately 1.5 inches but must not rest on the shoulders. 

The system is designed for the hip belt to fit on top of the hips and not at the waistline and also comes with a removable lumbar pad. 

The lumbar pad comes with a medium density foam core that can be replaced with a harder foam core if preferred. 

The G-LIFT is based on well established orthopedic principles and when worn correctly the G-LIFT transfers the weight of the heavy lead apron or jacket to the pelvis. 

The rigid construction requires no contact with the neck or shoulders completely unloading the cervical spine and upper extremities providing freedom of movement while preventing painful and debilitating overuse injuries.


Fitting & Wearing The G-LIFT:



1.   Grab your G-LIFT by the Mantis Bars with your 2 hands and place them onto your shoulders. 
      The anti-slip pads will allow the G-LIFT to remain in place while you attach the G-LIFT Stretch
      Belt and Hip Belt.
2.   Adjust the G-LIFT inner Stretch Belt to fit on to your waist ensuring the Stretch
      Belt is placed above your iliac crests.
3.   Secure G-LIFT Stretch Belt using the velcro straps on the belt to desired fit.
4.   Adjust the G-LIFT Hip Belt to ensure placement is over the inner Stretch Belt
      and remaining over the iliac crests.
5.   Secure G-LIFT Hip Belt by using snap clips and then fasten.
6.   Adjust G-LIFT Hip Belt's outer straps for a secure fit.
7.   Adjust G-LIFT Torso Bar by using the retractable Spring Plunger by pulling the
      ring and sliding the Torso Bar up and down to desired height.
8.   The Mantis Bars should be adjusted to allow user a 1.5" to 2" clearance above
      the shoulders. (This will allow the user to have the weight of the x-ray vest moved
      to the waist)
9.   Place the x-ray skirt on using the manufacturer's method, just above the Hip
      Belt and secure skirt.
10. Place the x-ray vest on over the Mantis Bars and allow Mantis Bars to fit
      under the shoulders of the x-ray vest.
11. Secure the x-ray vest using the manufacturer's method ensuring that the
      Mantis Bars are above the shoulders 1.5" to 2". If the Mantis Bars are too close
      to the shoulders or rubbing the chest or shoulders, remove x-ray vest and repeat
      Step Number 7.
12. Place thyroid shield on using the manufacturer's method.
13. You are now ready to use your G-LIFT.

We are here to help you with the support of your heavy lead garments.  All of the above can be done in less than 2 minutes as you become accustomed to putting the G-LIFT on.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free contact us.  If at any time you have a problem with the G-LIFT please contact us so we can resolve the issue to keep you in comfort.


TheGlift Admin
TheGlift Admin