Defining a new standard in radiation protection.

The patented GLiFT is designed to provide
best-in-class radiation protection and
help “carry the load” for healthcare professionals.

Revolutionary endoskeleton designed to transfer the weight

of a heavy lead apron off of your neck, shoulders and back.

Prevent Injury

Reduce Fatigue

Block Radiation

The GLiFT is a next generation radiation protection system that was designed to help

alleviate the musculoskeletal issues that are associated with wearing heavy lead aprons.



“If you wear lead, you are carrying it on your shoulders. It makes sense to me to transfer that weight and put it on my hips. It leaves my spine free to move.
Wearing the G LiFT is preventative.”
Interventional Cardiologist

South Carolina

“The G LiFT continues to help me immensely and is still in great shape.”
Interventional Cardiologist

Texas, used GLift for 2 years

“During a tough case, it felt like I was getting a little hug the whole time.
Also, the ventilation was better than having the lead snug up against my torso.”
Orthopedic Surgeon

North Carolina

“I just finished a big hip revision wearing mine. I didn’t even sweat.”
Orthopedic Surgeon


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