Where is the GLift Pro manufactured?

The GLift Pro and all Salus products are manufactured and assembled in Charleston, SC.

What is the weight of the GLift Pro?
We offer different types of core material for our users (lead and non-lead) which dictates the weight of the lead apron. The GLift endoskeleton and belt weigh 3 lbs.
Will transferring the weight of the apron to the pelvic rim put more weight on my hips, knees and ankles?

No. Due to the principles of force transfer, they will carry the same weight. But, your back, neck and shoulders will carry no weight.

What is the core material?

We use the highest quality core material products in lead and non-lead materials. Our non-lead materials are antimony and bismuth which provide the highest level of radiation protection with the lightest weight on the market.

Do you make a 1-piece version?

Yes. We make 2 piece and 1 piece systems.

Is the GLift proven?

Designed by an Interventional Cardiologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, and Mechanical Engineer, our system has been worn in over 7000 cases within various specialties in many institutions across the United States. Our loyal followers experience a more comfortable working environment, less fatigue, a safer working environment, and optimal protection from radiation.

What sizes do you offer?

We offer small, medium, Large, and X-Large stocked systems along with custom-fitted solutions.

How do we schedule an evaluation?

Contact us at sales@theglift.com to schedule an evaluation today.